Spring 2017

Seminar 1: “Adaptation Science” through the Lens of Climate Information

  • Seminar leader: Lisa Goddard
  • Guidelines for Constructing Climate Scenarios (2011), Mote et al.
  • Hell and High Water: Practice-Relevant Adaptation Science (2013), Moss et al.

Seminar 2: Wicked Problems

  • Seminar leader: Ruth DeFries
  • Wicked problems and public policy (2013), Morrison
  • Planning Problems are Wicked Problems (2973), Rittel and Webber

Seminar 3: Evaluating Adaptation Strategies and the Need for Climate Projections

  • Seminar leader: Radley Horton
  • Do We Need Better Predictions to Adapt to a Changing Climate? (2009), Dessai et al.
  • Experiences of integrated assessment of climate impacts, adaptation and mitigation modelling in London and Durban (2013), Walsh et al.

Seminar 4: Dams and Plans

  • Seminar leader: Adam Sobel
  • The future role of dams in the United States of America (2017), Ho et al.
  • Environmental Harm or Natural Hazard? Problem Identification and Adaptation in U.S. Municipal Climate Action Plans (2016), Koski and Siulagi

Seminar 5: The Limits to Adaptation: Geoengineering, Loss & Damage