Climate Change & SIDS: Navigating Resilience in Place in an Age of Retreat

Climate Change & SIDS: Navigating Resilience in Place in an Age of Retreat

Small Island Developing States (SIDS) are a group of countries that face unique sustainable development challenges; among these challenges are their vulnerability to climate change and their susceptibility to natural disasters, loss of land in low-lying coastal areas, and loss of ecosystem services and livelihoods.

With the devastating effects of climate change, intertwined with other trends such as population growth and globalization, the question thus lies – should whole populations of SIDS retreat, in/out-of-country migration, or can they create resilience strategies in order to adapt in place to the challenges they face? On April 19, this panel discussion on Resilience in Place in an Age of Retreat aimed to explore this question while promoting interdisciplinary dialogues amongst the Columbia community.

Read about the event in a blog post here, or watch the full video of the event here.

Moderator: Lisa Dale, Lecturer, Undergraduate Program in Sustainable Development


  • Angela Burnett, climate change officer for the Virgin Islands’ Ministry of Natural Resources and Labour
  • Cassie Flynn, climate change adviser, United Nations
  • Radley Horton, Lamont Associate Research Professor, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, The Earth Institute
  • Tearinaki Tanielu, Kiribati representative for the Alliance of Small Island States (AOSIS)